Business Accounting

Planning, obligations, reporting

This is also a field where people need lots of assistance in preparing their tax returns as there are many complicated tax laws and guidelines associated with company, Partnerships or Trust tax returns which will be often complex and tricky. We are very well versed in preparing those tax returns and overcome the complexities.

Take a look at our Core Business Services below to find out how we can make your life easier

We advice you in choosing the best business structure to start with, helping you out from the beginning and to the end of the process.

We do prepare business taxes for any industry from small scale cleaning services to Medical Practices.

Our Accountants are qualified and specialized in providing Financial Statements including:

Profit and Loss statements, Balance Sheets,Depreciation schedules and Hire Purchases. 

They also perform other business services such as preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statements including PAYG installments and fuel tax credit calculations.

If you have employees working under your business, we do assist you with the employee superannuation obligations and issuing of annual PAYG summaries. Under the new tax ruling, if you are sub-contracting ATO requires you to lodge an Annual Taxable Summary Report, which we will provide guidance throughout the process.

In circumstances where the business clients are obliged to pay a huge debt to the ATO, we will arrange payment plans, ensuring that our client will be paying off the debt stress free.

Even though you are few financial years behind with your tax returns and financial statements, we do prepare and lodge the arrears without leaving behind any concerns and guide you to get back on track.

Another special feature of our accounting service is that, our staff will be assisting you in providing paper work and necessary guidance when it comes to audits.

We do provide interim financial statements and prepare documentation for loan and other financial purposes.

Let’s Work Together

We are ONLY based in Mount Waverley, Victoria

Please note that our ONLY office is located in Mount Waverley Victoria. Our Tax Agent is Sujith Perera (TPB - 51482001) and do not have any other agents working from other locations. Our contact numbers are as follows 03 95691005 - Reception team (for appointment enquiries) 0421 378 102 - Sujith Perera (direct enquiries)